90s 24.06.2023‑21.04.2024

The 90s expo takes you on a nostalgic trip to the 1990s. Our daily lives changed rapidly in this decade.


The 90s expo takes you on a nostalgic trip to the 1990s. Our daily lives changed rapidly in this decade.

A whole new world unfolded with the Internet, the first mobile phones and commercial television. Everything seemed possible, but was it? Trends, fashion and music of the past are popular again. We are singing our hearts out to nineties hits. The sitcom Friends is more popular than ever. We are longing for wild parties in the biggest clubs. But why do we feel so nostalgic for that time?


Temporary exhibition from 24.06.2023 – 21.04.2024

  • Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri: 9.00 am-5.00 pm
  • Sat-Sun-holidays: 10.00 am-6.00 pm
  • Closed on Wednesdays
  • 1st Thursday of the month open until 10pm during Thursday Late

Admission: see museum rates

Where: The House of Alijn (Kraanlei 65, 9000 Ghent)

In the expo, there are lots of testimonies, video and music clips to listen to. Do you have earphones with a 3.5 mm jack? Bring them along! Some headphones are also available.

Groups: guided tours or without guide

Press: contact Annelien Noppe

annelien.noppe@stad.gent, 0473 56 13 88


"It’s not often that a museum makes you laugh out loud with recognition, but visitors to Ghent’s House of Alijn 90s Expo who lived through the decade will find themselves doing just that. At this thoroughly enjoyable exhibition, I saw people not only laughing as they pointed at old PCs and tried to type messages on an old Nokia, but also exclaiming at TV footage and even dancing to old bangers by beloved boybands, grunge and techno acts."

Deborah O'Donoghue for Travel Tomorrow

Sleeping in a nineties caravan


Dreaming away to the 90's?  You can in the Treck Hostel.

Install yourself in the nineties caravan, decorated by House of Alijn. Dream away to your favorite movie star or music band and browse through magazines from the 90s on the terrace.


  •  The Treck hostel is an indoor campsite for caravans in Ghent.


  • Stay in the nineties caravan until April 21, 2023.
sleep in a nineties caravan

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Evening opening

Thursday Late

06.06.2024, 03.10.2024, 06.11.2024

During Thursday Late, the museum and museum café are open until 10pm.


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